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International Symposium
Red Alder: A State of Knowledge

The entire proceeding from the Alder Symposium are also available on DVD-ROM for $10 (this can only be viewed on a computer with DVD reader). To order, contact Clara Burnett (, or call the RTI office at (206) 543-0827.

University of Washington
Center for Urban Horticulture
Seattle, WA March 23-25, 2005

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The following video presentations are from the 4th International Red Alder Symposium. Previous symposiums were held in 1967, 1977, and 1992. Over the years alder has undergone a transformation from being considered a weed species to being recognized as a premium commercial species and an important ecological component of Pacific Northwest forests. The recorded presentations from this symposium bring together regional experts for a critical examination of the economic, ecological, and social values of red alder.

Important Viewing Information

The following "Necessary Download" is needed to view the presentations. After you click the link below, click the "Run" button and follow the installation instructions. If the video presentation does not work on your computer, than read the "System Requirements" for information on software upgrades and downloads. Also linked below are "Presentation Navigation Instructions" to familiarize you with the presentation controls.

Alder Symposium Presentation Directory

March 24th, 2005 - Plenary Session

Title and Speaker
Opening Remarks: Bruce Bare, Dean of the UW College of Forest Resources
Opening Remarks: Jim Adamek, President of the Western Hardwood Association
Keynote Speaker - History of Research on Biology and Silviculture of Red Alder - Dean DeBell, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Center (retired)
Biology, Ecology, and Silviculture of Red Alder - Constance Harrington, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Center, Olympia Lab, WA
Red Alder Stand Development and Dynamics - Robert Deal, USDA Forest Service, Pacific Northwest Research Station, Portland, OR
Red Alder as Habitat for Wildlife - Brenda McComb, UMass-Amherst & Oregon State University
Red Alder and Stream Ecosystems - Mark S. Wipfli, USGS Alaska Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Keynote Speaker - Alder: Its Management and Potentials - David Hibbs, Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative, Oregon State University Department of Forest Science
Globalization of Western Red Alder - Bruce Hansen, USDA Forest Service, Northeastern Research Station, Princeton, WV
Overview of Supply, Availability, and Regulatory Factors Affecting Red Alder - Glenn Ahrens, Oregon State University, Extension Forester, Clatsop and Tillamook County
Private Industry: A Company Perspective on Red Alder - Barri Herman, Weyerhaeuser Co.
Alder on Non-Industrial Private Forest Lands - John Belton, Small Woodland Owner, Sandy, OR
Red Alder Management Strategies on Conservation Easement Properties - Matt Fehrenbacher, Stewardship Forester, The Pacific Forest Trust
The Importance of Red Alder on the Quinault Indian Reservation - Greg Masten, Forest Manager, Quinault Indian Reservation
Red Alder: The Past, Present and Future on Washington State Trust Lands - Howard Thronson, WDNR, Manager Product Sales & Leasing Division
Red Alder: The Past, Present and Future in Oregon State Forests - Doug Robin, Oregon Department of Forestry, Salem, OR
Alder Management: The British Columbia Perspective - Neil Hughes, Weyerhaeuser Canada
Management of Red Alder on BLM Lands in Western Oregon - Jeannette Griese, Bureau of Land Management
March 25th, 2005 - Session A:
How to Make Money - Harvesting Alder and Log Marketing
Title and Speaker
Introduction to the Washington Hardwood Commission: Its Vision, Volumes and Production - Del Fisher, Washington Hardwoods Commission
Regional Markets for Red Alder: Western Washington - Jon J. Tweedale, Assistant Division Manager, WDNR
Regional Markets for Red Alder: Western Oregon - Glenn Ahrens, Oregon State University, Extension Forester, Clatsop and Tillamook County
Regional Markets for Red Alder: British Columbia - Neil Hughes, Weyerhaeuser Canada
Alder Harvesting Aspects: Issues And Values - Steve Pedersen, Forest Resources, Inc., Chehalis, Wa
Alder Stand Assessment: “marketing for the highest value” - Jon J. Tweedale, Assistant Division Manager, WDNR
Log Scaling, Grades, and Values - Jim Kallio, Senior Log Scaler, Pacific Rim Log Scaling Bureau
Red Alder - Regeneration and Stand Initiation: Techniques and Field Craft as Related to Return on Early Investments - Pete Holmberg, WA-DNR State Lands Silviculturist
Future Economics & Management: A future with Alder clones - Barri Herman, Weyerhaeuser Co.
Future Management and Economics; Reasons for Optimism - Larry Mason, Rural Technology Initiative, University of Washington, College of Forest Resources
March 25th, 2005 - Session B:
Biology, Ecology and Silviculture of Alder: Part 1
Title and Speaker
Assessing Frost Tolerance in Red Alder - Jon D. Johnson, Associate Professor, Washington State University, Puyallup, WA
The Value of Red Alder As an Integrated Pest Management Tool for Controlling Weevil Damage to Sitka Spruce - Lyle Almond, University of Washington, College of Forest Resources
Patterns of Nutrient Dynamics and Biological Communities in Headwater Streams: Role of Riparian Red Alder - Peter Kiffney, NW Fisheries Science Center, Watershed Program, Mukilteo Biological Field Station
Experimental Studies of Red Alder Nutrition on Vancouver Island - Kevin Brown, KR Brown and Associates, Victoria, BC
On the Effects of Tree Crop Rotation: Red Alder following Alder or Douglas-fir; Douglas-fir following Fir or Alder - Mariano Amoroso, University of British Columbia
Culturing P+1/2 Red Alder at Webster Nursery - Nabil Khadduri, Washington DNR
Red Alder Plantation Management; Site Preparation, Planting Stock, and Regeneration - Alex Dobkowski, Weyerhaeuser Co.
March 25th, 2005 - Session C:
Biology, Ecology and Silviculture of Alder: Part 2
Title and Speaker
Fourteen Year Development of Red Alder And Western Hemlock With and Without Competing Vegetation in the Oregon Coast Range - Liz Cole, Oregon State University, Department of Forest Science
Density Management in Alder Stands - Andrew Bluhm, Oregon State University, Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative
Response of Young Red Alder to Pruning - Leslie C. Brodie, USFS Pacific Northwest Research Station
Planting Density, Timing, and Species Proportion Effects on Stem Quality in Red Alder/ Douglas-fir Mixtures - Amy Grotta, Washington State University, Extension Forest Stewardship
Growth and Yield of Red Alder - David Hibbs, Hardwood Silviculture Cooperative, Oregon State University
March 25th, 2005 - Session D:
Landowner Response to the Economic and Regulatory Climate for Alder
Title and Speaker
The Effect of Soil Amendments on the Symbiotic, Nitrogen-Fixing Relationship of Alnus Rubra and Frankia - Sally Brown, University of Washington, College of Forest Resources
Alder Strategies on Industrial Forests in Washington - Joe Murray, Merrill and Ring
Consulting Forester's View of Regulations: Oregon vs Washington - Jim Wick, Woodland Management Inc.
Alternate Plans For Riparian Hardwood Conversion: Challenges and Opportunities - Kevin Zobrist, Rural Technology Initiative, University of Washington, College of Forest Resources
CMER, The Cooperative Monitoring, Evaluation and Research Program; Science to Inform Adaptive Management - Steve McConnell, NW Indian Fisheries Commission
Featured Slide Show Presentation
Title and Speaker

Western Alder: It's worth more than you may think - Grant W. Sharpe, Professor Emeritus, UW CFR and Laurence B. Istvan, Ph.D., UW CFR

This presentation was initially produced by Grant Sharpe and Laury Istvan in 1985 for the Western Hardwood Association. It was a slide show with narration that was intended to raise awareness toward the value of western alder. The original slides from the slide show were scanned and converted to a digital format, and then put into a PowerPoint® presentation. This new form of the 1985 presentation was then recorded to video with an introduction by Grant Sharpe and narration by Laury Istvan. There were several showings of it during the 2005 International Alder Symposium, and it is currently streaming worldwide over the internet from the Rural Technology Initiative website (



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