Pete Holmberg

Pete has been a professional forester for over 30 years and has practiced in the Pacific Northwest, southeast Alaska, Colorado, southeast U.S., the lake states, and Sweden (where he was born and raised). During his forestry career, Pete has worked for the Washington Department of Natural Resources, the United States Department of Agriculture – Forest Service, and private industry; he is also a retired military officer. Pete’s education includes a Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Management from Colorado State University, the Forest Service’s Silviculture Institute, and a Master of Public Administration from Shippensburg University in Pennsylvania, and the equivalent of a master’s degree in national strategy and military science from the United States Army War College. After retirement from full-time military service in 2000, Pete has worked as Assistant Division Manager for Silviculture and Regeneration in the Washington State Department of Natural Resources’ Land Management division. Pete likes to fish; he and his family live in Olympia.