Jon D. Johnson

Jon D. Johnson is Associate Professor of Natural Resource Sciences at Washington State University at the Puyallup Research & Extension Center. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Forest Biology from Colorado State University, his Master of Science degree in Forestry/Plant Physiology from the University of Minnesota and his Ph.D. in Tree Physiology/ Soil Science from Oregon State University. He has held faculty positions at Virginia Tech and the University of Florida before coming to WSU. He oversees the collection and breeding of Populus species, development and testing of hybrid poplars for growth and disease resistance, manages clone arboreta for breeding purposes, and conducts research on the production physiology of fast growing species including poplars, alders and willows. He is presently researching the use of both hybrid poplars and red alder in riparian buffer plantings and carbon sequestration by hybrid poplar in the Pacific Northwest.