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2005 Fall Forestry Seminar

"Introduction to Small Scale Forestry Equipment"

December 3, 2005

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Presentation Information


Welcome to the Seminar: Alicia Robbins
Challenges & Opportunities for Family Forest Owners: Andy Perleberg
Tools for Measuring Your Forest: Amy Grotta
Small Tools for Wildlife Management: Jim Bottorff
Tools for Tree Planting and Weed Control: Tony Sachet
Tools for Tree Pruning & Thinning: Don Theoe
Electronic Tools from GPS to Websites: Arno Bergstrom
Chainsaw & Equipment Safety and Protective Clothing: JD Fenstrom
Common Timber Harvesting Systems: Mark Hitchcock
Technical & Financial Assistance Programs: Kirk Hanson
Forest Handtools and ATVs: Tom Brannon
Horse Logging: Adam Farnham
Small Scale Forestry Tools for Pruning, Thinning & Harvesting: Ken Miller
School of Environmental and Forest Sciences
USDA Forest Service State & Private Forestry
WSU Cooperative Extension
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