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Introduction to
Geographic Information Systems
in Forest Resources

The following streaming video lectures were recorded during the 2003 autumn quarter at the University of Washington's College of Forest Resources. The course was developed and instructed by Phil Hurvitz. While the author (Phil Hurvitz) makes every effort to deliver high quality products, he does not guarantee that all products are free from defects. The material is provided “as is," and you use the material at your own risk.

The author makes no warranties as to performance, merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, or any other warranties whether expressed or implied.

Under no circumstances shall the author be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use this material, even if he has been advised of the possibility of such damages.

  • By downloading the PDFs, you agree to these terms:
    • You may not redistribute or sell this product in any way, shape or form.
    • You may not print or reproduce the material by any means.
    • You may not use the material for commercial purposes without written and signed consent from the author, prior to its use.
  • Course Content as PDF file
Streaming Video Links
Lecture Notes,
PowerPoint Slide Shows,
Help Files
Lab Exercises
Lecture 1 Course Introduction WWW: Introduction
WWW: Definitions
PPT: Course Introduction
Lecture 2  Introduction to GIS
PPT: Intro to GIS    
Lecture 3 Spatial Data Models;
Relational Databases and Tables;
Scale Issues
WWW: Spatial Data Model
WWW: Relational Data Model
WWW: Scale Issues
WWW: Sample Data
PPT: GIS Fundamentals
Help: Help topics
Using On-line Help  Assn 1
Lecture 4 Introduction to ArcView 3.x

WWW: What is ArcView 3.x
WWW: Exploring the ArcView 3.x Interface
WWW: ArcView 3.x GUI
WWW: ArcView 3.x Document Types
PPT: Introduction to ArcView
Help: Help topics

An ArcView 3.x Sampler  
Lecture 5 Introduction to ArcView 3.x (continued) WWW: Getting Data Into ArcView 3.x Projects
WWW: Displaying Themes
WWW: Changing Theme Display Properties
PPT: View Basics
Help: Help topics
View Basics  Assn 2
Lecture 6 Projections & Coordinate Systems WWW: Projections and Coordinate Systems
PPT: Projections
Help: Help topics
Setting Theme Display Properties
(Projections and Coordinate Systems)
Lecture 7 Project & Data Management WWW: Project & Data Management
WWW: Data Export
PPT: Project Management
PPT: Data Export
Help: Help topics
Project & Data Management;

Data Export
 Assn 3
Lecture 8 Data input: Vectors WWW: Creating Shapefiles&
Vector Digitizing

PPT: Creating Feature Themes
Help: Help topics
Creating Feature Themes  
Lecture 9 Data input: Attributes;
Working With Tables
WWW: Creating and Modifying Tables
PPT: Tables
Help: Help topics
Creating and Modifying Tables  Assn 4
Lecture 10 Vector Analysis WWW: Vector Analysis I
PPT: Vector Analysis 1
Help: Help topics
Vector Analysis I  
Lecture 11 Vector Analysis (continued); Topological Overlay WWW: Vector Analysis II
PPT: Vector Analysis 2.ppt
Help: Help topics
Vector Analysis II Assn 5
Lecture 12 Raster Analysis WWW: Raster Analysis I
PPT: Raster Analysis 1.ppt
Help: Help topics
Raster Analysis I  
Lecture 13 Raster Analysis (continued);
Data Conversion: Raster <> Vector
WWW: Raster Analysis II & Data Conversion
PPT: Raster Analysis 2.ppt
Help: Help topics
Raster Analysis II Assn 6
Lecture 14 Introduction to Remote Sensing WWW: Remote Sensing
PPT: Remote Sensing
Help: Help topics
Remote Sensing

Old exercise

Lecture 15 3-D Modeling & Display WWW: 3-D & Surface Modeling
PPT: 3-D Modeling & Display
3-D & Surface Modeling Assn 7
Lecture 16 Data Import; Data Sources WWW: Data Sources
WWW: Data Import
PPT: Find Import Data
Finding Data on the Net &
Data Import
Lecture 17 Hydrologic Modeling (Watershed Delineation)  WWW: Hydrologic Modeling
PPT: Hydrologic Modeling
Hydrologic Modeling Assn 8
Lecture 18 Cartographic Output & Data Export WWW: Map Layouts
PPT: Map Layouts
Help: Help topics  
Map Layouts    
Lecture 19 Hot Linking  WWW: Hot Linking
PPT: Hot Links
Help: Help topics
Hot Linking Assn 9
Lecture 20 Global Positioning System (GPS)  WWW: GPS
  Assn 10 


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