Pruning your forest
Pruning Background | Before You Prune | In the Woods

Pruning Your Forest

(In the Woods)
Now that you have some background information on pruning, and have taken your forest stand dynamics into account, it is time to head into the woods and prune your forest. The following video clips will take you into an Eastern Washington forest and will give you information that you can use to prune your own forest.

Using Loppers | Using Saws | Saw Techniques | Sharpen Saws | Tool Maintenance

Pruning your forest using loppers.
(10 minutes 52 seconds)

Pruning your forest using saws.
(4 minutes 28 seconds)

Various saw cut techniques, and some information about western gall rust.
(2 minutes 16 seconds)

Sharpening your saw using a stump as a vice.
(1 minute 12 seconds)

Take care of your tools to maximize their function and durability.
(40 seconds)

Pruning Background | Before You Prune | In the Woods