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Climate Change: Implications for Olympic Peninsula Forest Ecosystems Forum

University of Washington Olympic Natural Resources Center , Forks, WA
February 23, 2007

This forum was designed to combine science with opportunities for forest managers and regulatory agencies who work on the Peninsula to discuss how they are evaluating science as it relates to proposed changes in management.

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Welcome – Origins of the Event
Bonnie Phillips, Executive Director, Olympic Forest Coalition

Welcome - From the City of Forks
Rod Fleck, City Attorney⁄Planner, Forks
Welcome - From the City of Forks
Nedra Reed, Mayor of Forks
Global Warming: Why is This Such a Difficult Policy Problem?
Edward L. Miles, Co-Director , University of Washington Center for Science in the Earth System
Impacts of Climate Change on Vegetation and Fire
Dr. Dominique Bachelet, Senior Researcher , Biological & Ecological Engineering Department, Oregon State University
Changes and Risks to Salmon and their Habitat
Dr. Nathan Mantua, Assistant Director, University of Washington Center for Science in the Earth System
Projecting the Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity: identifying hotspots of change and climate refugia
Dr. Joshua Lawler, Assistant Professor, University of Washington College of Forest Resources
Projecting the Effect of Future Climate Change on Biodiversity and Protected Areas in the Pacific Northwest
Dr. Elizabeth Gray, Director of Conservation Science, The Nature Conservancy
Focus on the Olympic Peninsula: Olympic National Park
Bill Laitner, Superintendent, Olympic National Park
Climate Change: Implications, and NPS Actions
Cat Hawkins Hoffman, Chief of Natural Resource Management, Olympic National Park
Adaptation to Climatic Change in Olympic National Forest: A Case Study
Jeremy Littell, Research Scientist, University of Washington Center for Science in the Earth System
Maintaining Healthy Forests in the Face of Climate Change
Jeff DeBell, Silviculturist/Geneticist,Land Management, WA Department of Natural Resources
Tribal Forest Management on the Olympic Peninsula: Makah Tribe
Jonni Trettevick, Forest Manager, Forestry Department, Makah Indian Tribe
Climate Change: Implications for Olympic Peninsula Forest Ecosystems
Harry Bell, Chief Forester, Green Crow Management Services
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service: Addressing Climate Change
Shelley Spaulding, Fish & Wildlife Biologist, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service