Intertribal Timber Council

ITC Workshop:
Branding & Marketing of Tribal Forest Products


Project Funding
Funding support for production of the Streaming Videos was provided by the Intertribal Timber Council (ITC)

The Intertribal Timber Council (ITC) convened a workshop in Seattle, Washington on March 1-2, 2011 to discuss the potential for branding and marketing to increase the presence and value of tribal forest products in the marketplace because of unique qualities that interweave utility, cultural heritage, and environmental protection.  Findings and recommendations from a year-long study undertaken with funding provided by the Bureau of Indian Affairs were presented by a Study Team, comprised of experts from Indian Country, academia, and private industry. Workshop participants engaged in discussions and helped to develop guidance for the development of strategic initiatives dealing with a wide variety of forest products, including logs, lumber, florals, medicinals, foods, renewable energy, environmental services, and ecotourism.

The  ITC Branding and Marketing Study, “Your Story Is Your Brand”, is reported in three volumes.  Volume I is a synthesis of findings in the form of an executive summary and highlights areas requiring decisions by tribal leadership.  Volume  II contains topic overviews and detailed information on each Study area.  Volume III summarizes key messages from the March 2011 workshop, provides an analysis of a participant survey designed to obtain guidance for future branding and marketing initiatives, and presents the Study Team’s recommendations for a path forward. All three volumes can be downloaded in electronic form upon request from the Intertribal Timber Council office 1112 NE 21st Avenue, Suite 4, Portland, OR 97232-2114, ph: (503)282-4296, E-mail: